Treatment Approach:

At Restore Physiotherapy you will get the undivided attention of your physiotherapist for the entire duration of your treatment session. You can choose to book either a 30 or 60- minute appointment. This focused, one-to-one approach facilitates the development of a more comprehensive treatment plan and allows for more productive treatment sessions with more time for patient education, manual techniques, and supervised exercise.

Our aim is to identify and correct the dysfunctional movement patterns that are often at the root of pain and injury. This facilitates a more complete rehab process, and empowers the patient with the knowledge of what to do to prevent, minimize, or self-manage reoccurrences.

We offer intervention across the spectrum of wellness and function — from preventative screenings to injury rehabilitation, to peak sports performance — and will create an individualized plan to help you reach your goals.

Treatment Options include:

Manual therapy – hands on treatment including joint mobilization or manipulation and soft tissue techniques

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) – the use of thin acupuncture-type needles to release chronically tight muscle bands with the goal of reducing pain, reestablishing optimal nerve and muscle function and restoring normal mobility

Therapeutic taping and bracing – to support healing tissues or accelerate return to activity

Exercise prescription – ranging from specific stabilization exercises to high-level strength, balance and agility retraining

Postural re-education – to restore healthy postures and address issues in your work, school or athletic environment that may be contributing to poor posture or technique

Electrotherapeutic modalities – to reduce pain, swelling and spasm and facilitate healing

Traditional Acupuncture – An ancient form of Chinese medicine that is used as an adjunct to physiotherapy treatment to accelerate natural healing, reduce pain and muscle tension, and improve energy and function.

Custom Bracing – authorized dealer for Breg and DJO Bracing Supplies. Restore offers in-clinic fittings for custom braces as well as off-the-shelf braces at unbeatable prices.

Other Services:

Clinical Pilates: – Clinical Pilates is taught by a physiotherapist and uses Pilates equipment such as a reformer, tower, chair and barrels along with traditional physiotherapy techniques to tailor a rehabilitation program specific for your needs.

Using Pilates equipment such as the Reformer and Cadillac, emphasis will be placed on pelvic and scapular stabilization, and integration of all the parts of the body into one. The basic principles will be used to design a program specific to the individuals needs, whether it be more injury rehabilitation or improving activities of daily living.

The assessment will help to establish your patterns of muscle strength vs. weakness, mobility vs. stability at various joints so we can begin to design a program, which will encourage better posture and overall alignment. Whether you are new to Pilates or have been practicing for a while, you will receive a review of the basic principles and how they may apply to your physiotherapy assessment.

Video Running Assessments: Poor technique, malalignment and muscle imbalance are often at the root of running injuries. Because running is repetitive, small errors can compound, mile after mile and day after day, to create big problems. Our video running assessment are appropriate for runners of all levels looking to keep themselves running longer, stronger and injury-free. The assessment includes evaluation of your footwear, alignment, muscle balance and mechanics, plus an assessment of your running technique. Video analysis helps us to assess your alignment and technique and helps you to visualize the changes that need to be made. You will be provided with a DVD copy of your running video, along with instructions on the exercises and/or technique correction recommended.

Athlete Preventative /Performance Screenings: Are you taking on a new sport or activity? Are you tired of losing precious training time due to repeated injury? Or are you committed to taking your athletic performance to the next level this season? If so, you may benefit from an Athlete Preventative/Performance Screening. This full body assessment is designed to uncover your patterns of flexibility, strength, alignment and muscle balance. Based on our findings and the demands of your sport, we will help you develop a plan to improve your performance, prevent injuries, and get the most out of your upcoming season. You will be provided with a summary of our findings and specific exercises based on your limitations, needs and goals.